Job interviews generally require you to adhere to a formal dress code. So, choosing formal attire that makes you feel confident and looks impressive is crucial to preparing for your interview. However, even if there is no formal dress code, your goal should always be to look neat and professional. The rest depends on the company’s dress code. Here are a few suggestions about what to wear to your job interview.

For Women

○     Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts are the perfect option for both men and women when dressing for a job interview. They give you a clean and polished look. Aside from white shirts, you can also wear soft colours like pale pink and light blue.

○     Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts make you look elegant while hugging your curves and enhancing your figure. They also give you the professional look you desire.

○     Blazers

For interviews, dark-coloured blazers over light-coloured shirts are the best combination.

○     Pantsuits

They are a complete outfit that gives you a confident appearance. They might be formal, but they are extremely comfortable too.

○     Blouses

V-neck or tie-up Blouses are ideal for job interviews, with the latter giving the appearance of a tie.

○     Dress Pants

Dress pants are ideal for bottom wear for both men and women when dressing for an interview. They look best paired with button-down shirts.

○     Mid-length Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses have the same effect as pencil skirts, with the added benefit of being a complete outfit. When choosing a dress, stay away from bold patterns and bright colours.

For Men

○     Suits

A suit is the best option when choosing something to wear to a job interview for a company with a formal dress code. It helps you look put together and professional.

○     Button-up Up Shirts

Button-up shirts like button-downs are a great choice for a job interview outfit. They are the most common type of shirt; you will probably have a few in your closet.

○     Sensible Ties

Ties complete a formal outfit and leave an impression, so you need to choose a sensible tie that does not have loud patterns.

○     Tailored Jackets

These jackets fit your body and give you a clean and polished look, which is ideal for job interviews.

○     Khakis

Khakis or chinos are casual trousers that can be worn under button-up shirts or collared polo shirts, depending upon the dress code of the company for which you are interviewing.

○     Collared Polo Shirts

These shirts are meant for casual attire but can be worn to job interviews if the company’s dress code is not strictly formal or the work environment is casual.

○     Trousers

If you don’t have dress pants, trousers are your next best choice. Avoid jeans at all costs because they give a look too casual to be appropriate for a job interview.


So, by now, you should have a good idea of what to wear to a job interview in order to appear impressive and confident. These outfits are just a few of the many options available to you when it comes to what to wear to a job interview, but they are the most common and practical.