The most important thing to keep in mind while dressing for really cold weather is to wear something that can keep you sufficiently warm. This often becomes the reason why people stop making an effort to look fashionable and just wear multiple layers of clothes. As hard as it is to believe, you can still look stylish in such weather if you just know what to wear and how to wear it. This article will provide you with some fashion tips to improve your winter style.

Master the Art of Layering

Layering is extremely important when it comes to dressing for winter, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice your style for it. It can be fashionable, but not everyone gets it right. You need at least three layers to stay warm enough in extremely cold weather.

The inner layer needs to be thin but should hold body heat. Silk or wool clothing would be suitable for that. For the second layer, go with fabrics that are capable of insulation, like fleece. The third layer needs to be waterproof and windproof, so go with parkas or overcoats.

Balance the Proportions of Your Outfit

Like your body has proportions, your outfit also has proportions that need to be balanced in order for it to look good. If you’re wearing something loose on top, you need to wear tight clothes on the bottom and vice versa. For example, oversized cable-knit jumpers with skinny-fit jeans.

Wear the Right Winter Accessories

Winter accessories include gloves, scarves, and hats. The right accessories can go a long way towards keeping you warm while appearing stylish. Mittens, wool scarves, woollen caps, beanies, and skull caps can be worn with any outfit. You just need to make sure that they match the dress code and the colour of the rest of your clothes.

Select the Appropriate Footwear

Boots are the best footwear for extremely cold weather. There are a variety of them that you can wear, like fur-lined boots, leather boots with felt or wicking layers, boots with snow cuffs, and more. They can be ankle-length, calf-length, or knee-length. The most popular lengths for winter are ankle and calf-length.

Wear Turtlenecks or Roll-over necks

Turtlenecks and jumpers with roll-over necks are fashionable choices that also keep you warm. They are suitable to be worn in the inner layer, which is the first layer of your outfit. The biggest advantage of wearing them is that they cover your neck, so you don’t necessarily have to wear a scarf.

Pair Jumpers with Skirts

Jumpers can be worn not only with pants, jeans, and slacks but also with skirts. You can either wear a loose jumper tucked into a long skirt or wear a tight jumper with a short skirt. If these combinations don’t suit you, try others until you achieve your desired look. Wear an overcoat to complete the look if you wish.


These are a few fashion tips for looking stylish on the outside while staying warm and comfortable on the inside during the winter months. Make the most of your winter wardrobe by following these suggestions.