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Toby Fitch’s New Adventures

The most excellent Toby Fitch has been Southerly’s Poetry Reviews Editor for the past five years. He’s commissioned, edited, and organised all the poetry reviews you read in the journal and online. But now, Toby is off on new adventures. He will begin as... read more


The Art of Movement

Visual artist Abdullah M I Sayed and writer Felicity Castagna reflect on art, writing and exercise. Felicity Castagna One of the hardest aspects of writing, for me, has been learning how to sit still. In many ways my other job, as a teacher, suits me much better. When... read more

Who Gives a Shit? On motherhood and the arts

by Felicity Castagna I went into labour with my first child while I was hunched over the final manuscript for my last book. I was thirty pages away from completing all the edits that needed to be done before it was sent to the printer the following week. It was my... read more

Just Make it Electric

by Felicity Castagna A lot of space in literary circles has been given of late to trying to define what is highbrow and what is middlebrow and why those distinctions matter. I think we would be better off having a debate about literature that is ‘technically good’ but... read more
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