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February Monthly Blogger – Alison Whittaker

Many thanks to Roanna Gonsalves for a fantastic series of blogs to start 2017. This month our blogger is Alison Whittaker.   Alison Whittaker is a Gomeroi poet and researcher from the floodplain fringe of north west New South Wales. She lives and writes on...

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January Monthly Blogger – Roanna Gonsalves

Many thanks to all of Southerly’s bloggers for 2016. We’re beginning 2017 with blogs by Roanna Gonsalves. Roanna Gonsalves is an Indian Australian writer and academic. Her series of radio documentaries entitled On the tip of a billion tongues, was...

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Talking about: talking about

by Alison Whittaker   ‘In conversation’ is the lie I tell myself to get to a venue where I’ll talk about writing.   Harmless little chat. It’s a harmless little chat.   Here’s the real harmless little chat, twenty minutes before: From there, a writerly...

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Writing and

by Alison Whittaker   The writer and the writing life, two off-cut conversations that have planted themselves anew in 2017.   On the Southerly blog last month, Roanna Gonsalves breathed The Double Lives of Writers, a sobering bulletin that etched out the...

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by Alison Whittaker Wangal land, in the memory of colonial records at least, has never been hotter. Today while I write, its sky is some thick full-handed slap of cyan on an unwilling canvas. Every new humid day that it’s like this, I’m reminded that we’re heading...

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