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Elemental is concerned with our experience of the elements in an era of climate change. The four elements of classical thought (earth, fire, water, air) align with what we now call four states of matter and hence to what is termed the “material turn” in... read more

July Monthly Blogger – Van Badham

Many thanks must go to Marie Munkara for her excellent posts. This month our blogger is Van Badham. Her bio is below: Van Badham is a Melbourne-based feminist writer, theatremaker, critic, trade unionist, activist, occasional broadcaster and one of Australia’s most... read more

June Monthly Blogger – Marie Munkara!

An enormous thanks to Luke Carman for his excellent posts. This month our blogger is Marie Munkara. Her bio is below: Marie was born on the banks of the Mainoru River in Arnhemland and spent her early years growing up on Bathurst Island. Her first Novel Every Secret... read more


Chuckle Park

by Van Badham. Ahem! It’s an honour to be asked to blog for Southerly, but it’s a dangerous temptation, too. The instruction for these weeks has been “blog whatever you like, as long as it’s literary.” It’s like being told... read more

Chrubblsum Fonetics

by Marie Munkara   To learn to read must be one of the most exciting and useful things we can do in our lives and maybe for some the hardest as well. Although I had a basic idea of what reading was about before I went to school, I was taught the fundamentals of... read more

Lost in Translation

by Marie Munkara When I was born the languages spoken by my family in Arnhemland and the Tiwi Islands belonged entirely to us. Only we spoke them in their entirety and others who had ties to us in ceremony or trade spoke only the bits that were relevant to ensure a... read more
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