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April Monthly Blogger – Natalie Harkin

Thanks to A.J. Carruthers for an enlightening month of blogs. This month our blogger is Natalie Harkin. Natalie Harkin is a Narungga woman from the Chester family in South Australia.  She is an academic and activist-poet with an interest in the state’s colonial...

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March Monthly Blogger – AJ Carruthers

Many thanks to Allison Whittaker for an excellent series of blogs. This month our blogger is A.J. Carruthers. A.J. Carruthers is a critic and experimental poet, author of Stave Sightings: Notational Experiments in North American Long Poems, 1961-2011 (New...

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In her pocket she carries her heart

by Natalie Harkin   Some moments linger to leave an indelible imprint on your mind, heart and spirit – they become the memories that rest under your skin, or recur with an unanticipated and uncanny trigger, or like stubborn stains, they simply refuse to...

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Caravan to Yale – A Tjindarella Story

by Natalie Harkin I am above the clouds, floating on my contemplations and looking for patterns and remnant bush in cleared and carved-up landscapes.  I’ve just parted ways with my friend and fellow poet at the Adelaide airport – she to Sydney and me to Canberra, each...

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My ‘Avant-Garde Card’: Five Aesthetic Categories

by A.J. Carruthers ―For Pam B., Michael B., Fiona H. & Justin C.  In this final blog post I want us to all get making. To get into the spirit of active experimentation, I want to share some personal writing practices here in the form of five achievable aesthetic...

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