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Winner of 2019 Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry

Southerly congratulates our Poetry Editor, Kate Lilley, for winning the 2019 Victorian Premier's Award for Poetry for her collection Tilt (Vagabond Press). Tilt is a complex poetic exploration of types of abuse; an archive of memory. It’s divided into three sections....

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Call for papers: VIOLENCE

This issue will allow writers, scholars and poets to probe the different types of violence: from linguistic to domestic; institutional to historical, against humans and against animals, that have plagued, and continue to plague, Australia’s cultural landscapes.  ...

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Untold? Or unseen and unheard?

Words || Sunil Badami “The past is a different country,” go the opening lines of L. P. Hartley’s classic The Go-Between, “they do things differently there.” Go-betweens like me, born to visibly different immigrant parents, are always being asked where we’re “really”...

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Words || Sunil Badami The question of whose story it is to tell is one that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, especially as lately I’ve been telling more stories about myself and my life. I’m not sure why. I’d much rather be imagining other people’s lives and...

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Art and Artifice

Words || Sunil Badami I’ve been thinking a lot about stories, and storytelling lately. I suppose I should — after all, I’m a writer. Aren’t stories my stock in trade?  But, like most writers, a lot of my time is spent thinking about other things — mainly the things...

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