India India

Long Paddock


Temsula Ao, Mothers
Mona Attamimi, Betel Nut
Judith Beveridge, The View from the Monastery
Craig Powell, A Christmas Letter
Richard Deutch, Evening Meal, The sun from behind the house
Johannes Bobrowski, Valéry or the Beans (translated by Richard Deutch, with Craig Powell and Rudi Krausmann)
Patrick Jones, Natural Bitterness


Helen Dinmore, Counting the Dead
Michelle Cahill, The Lucid Krishna
Zoe Harrington, Depono
Bem Le Hunte, What the Servant Saw
Maree McCourt, One Point Six One
Trevor Shearston, Dog


Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle, Tackling the Topic of Terrorism


Ali Alizadeh; of Barry Scott,ed., Vicki Viidikas: New and Rediscovered, and Kerry Leves, A Shrine to Lata Mangeshka

Aashish Kaul; of Peter Boyle, Apocrypha

Tessa Lunney; of Gretchen Shirm, Having Cried Wolf, Barry Divola, Nineteen Seventysomething, Bob Franklin, Under Stones, and Emmett Stinson, Known Unknowns

John Jenkins; of Jordie Albiston, The sonnet according to “m”; Philip Hammial, Skin TheorySusan Hawthorn, Earth’s Breath; Felicity Plunkett, Vanishing Point



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