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New monthly blogger- Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini!

Our thanks to Chloe Wilson for a great series of posts. Southerly’s blogger for December is Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini. Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini writes in Persian and English. Her short stories have been published in anthologies such as HEAT, Southerly, and...

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New monthly blogger- Chloe Wilson!

Many thanks to Mark Steven for his posts throughout October. Our new blogger for November is Chloe Wilson. Chloe Wilson is the author of two poetry collections, The Mermaid Problem and Not Fox Nor Axe, which was shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry and...

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Rediscovering Elizabeth Harrower

Image: Elizabeth Harrower photographed returning to Australia in 1959 on board the Southern Cross. Courtesy of Elizabeth Harrower Elizabeth Harrower’s writing has engaged and challenged her readers since she began publishing in the late 1950s. Her work is concerned...

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Reading Under Candlelight

By Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini During the war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988), there were constant curfews and darkness. My family used one of our big family rooms to sit, eat, read and even sleep in. At night, it was like a dark classroom with students from different...

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Post (mortem) cards #4: Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi

By Chloe Wilson I attended Catholic schools and went through all their various rituals: dreaming up things to confess to our sleepy parish priest; allowing communion wafers to adhere to my palate; flicking through hymn books to find the most amusing hymn to request...

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Post (mortem) cards #3: Who Can Be Against Us?

By Chloe Wilson Headline writers seem to find toilets irresistible. Search for the Faggiano Museum in Lecce, Puglia, and the title of every result will mention that its existence is owed to a broken toilet and one man’s obsessive quest to restore functional...

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