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The Female Voice in Contemporary Persian Literature

By Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini A new diverse and dynamic literary landscape has emerged since the 1978-79 revolution in Iran, “…a fusion of creative resistance and resistant creatively[1].” New male and female writers have succeeded in bringing fresh aesthetic principals...

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Reading Under Candlelight

By Nasrin Mahoutchi-Hosaini During the war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988), there were constant curfews and darkness. My family used one of our big family rooms to sit, eat, read and even sleep in. At night, it was like a dark classroom with students from different...

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Post (mortem) cards #4: Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi

By Chloe Wilson I attended Catholic schools and went through all their various rituals: dreaming up things to confess to our sleepy parish priest; allowing communion wafers to adhere to my palate; flicking through hymn books to find the most amusing hymn to request...

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