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January Monthly Blogger – Roanna Gonsalves

Many thanks to all of Southerly’s bloggers for 2016. We’re beginning 2017 with blogs by Roanna Gonsalves. Roanna Gonsalves is an Indian Australian writer and academic. Her series of radio documentaries entitled On the tip of a billion tongues, was...

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Love your local literature: get a promo deal today!

Six joint subscription deals. Six promo deals. For the next six months, Southerly is offering extra discounts on joint subscriptions with our partner journals. Each month, one journal will be featured – Meanjin, Overland, Island, Westerly, The Lifted Brow, Griffith...

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Pocket thanks

by Alison Whittaker     Dunno if you remember me, tid. You and me went to school together in 2005.   I’ve got these vignettes of you in my head. First we walked together on a tour of the school grounds like fluffy juvenile magpies – except it was so hot...

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Talking about: talking about

by Alison Whittaker   ‘In conversation’ is the lie I tell myself to get to a venue where I’ll talk about writing.   Harmless little chat. It’s a harmless little chat.   Here’s the real harmless little chat, twenty minutes before: From there, a writerly...

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Writing and

by Alison Whittaker   The writer and the writing life, two off-cut conversations that have planted themselves anew in 2017.   On the Southerly blog last month, Roanna Gonsalves breathed The Double Lives of Writers, a sobering bulletin that etched out the...

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