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Natalie Harkin, Narungga

White Picket Fence

don’t border protect me advance australia fair me cultural cliché me

through white hetero-centred normality don’t try make me straight to

open the gate don’t white picket fence me in… don’t nuclear power me

salt water shower me thicken my air with war and despair don’t

concrete my earth medical model my birth don’t white picket fence me in

don’t censor my media with small minded trivia or colonise the space

to put me in my place don’t judge my choice silence my voice don’t white

picket fence me in… don’t dig up the sand of My Grandmother’s Land to

pour a foundation meant for my salvation to cement me in tight make

me nice and polite then deny me my right to protest and fight but this

cannot stop me from thinking . . .oh black-pink-green alliance be clever

in defiance of conservative leaders who oppress diverse thinkers who shout

reconciliation through cultural assimilation who value individual

wealth through black bloodshed and stealth who choke out debate

with their security gate to white picket fence us in.

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